Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the way up

It's amazing how quickly a heart can change. A week ago I was sad, grieving, a little angry. Today, I'm excited. I'm looking forward to what's to come. I've been in touch w/ our local parent support group and we've been invited to attend their Christmas party next week to meet some of the parents and kids. As much as every parent wants their child to be unique, to stand out, to be an individual, I am assured that my child will be a trailblazer. He won't be just another kid like the hundreds around him. He will be different and will be known for being different. My prayer continues to be that he loves passionately, has a huge heart, and brings joy to every person and situation he touches. So far so good.

I sent an email out to my co-workers today announcing Bear's condition. I asked that they not apologize because we aren't sad or sorry, and for some reason that tends to be our natural response as humans...why is it we automatically see this as bad news?
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