Thursday, March 19, 2009

More "Normal" than "Different"

So when I was given the diagnosis of "Down Syndrome," immediately I began to mourn the "normal" life that Bear would never have and how "different" he would be from everyone else all his life. Four months into the journey, I can't help but almost laugh at what a foolish response that was. I look at this baby boy I love so much and think, "How could I? How could I have ever been sad that you are the way you are?" Bear is the most precious, pleasant, and sweet baby I have ever been around (and I've been around a lot of babies). I am so spoiled by his loving nature and how sweet he is.

Not only that, but four months ago I was prepared for this baby who would be sick all the time, would develop incredibly slowly, and would be unresponsive. My advice to parents receiving this diagnosis: don't read the books. I was prepared for the worst because that's all the books can tell you. They can't tell you how when your child first learns to smile it's with his eyes. They can't tell you how sweet it is when your child snuggles up to you and sleeps peacefully on your chest. They can't tell you how much joy your child brings when he laughs at your silly noises and faces. They can't tell you how proud you'll be when your baby lifts his head during tummy time and learns to roll over.

Different? Sure Bear will be different and is already different from other babies. But in a bad way? Absolutely not. If "normal" means fussy and demanding, I'll take my Bear any day.