Friday, March 21, 2014

Engulfed by the Deep | She Shares Truth Jonah 1-2 Reflection

Week 3: #shereadstruth #shesharestruth #lent reflection

Text: Jonah 1:2

Running away.  
To the known ends of the world  
to escape the presence of God.
A terrifying call.
A horrific thought.
Salvation, mercy for the wicked?
Better to flee than to obey.

A holy and terrible pursuit 
by He who holds the winds in his fist
Boat tossing on waves,
life tossing in the storm.
Confessing, professing His power.
Thrown to the sea,
engulfed by the deep.

Rejected, turned away,
Crying out, repenting from the depths:
where can I go to escape you?
Returning to right worship.
Life brought up from the pit. 
Abandoning my little gods,
forsaking my loyalty to vanity.

Sacrifice and praise to you.
Thanksgiving, eucharisteo are yours.
Salvation, mercy belong to you.

Dry and steady land once again.

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